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1 Loose stool ? on Wed May 26, 2010 2:49 pm

What to do when child have lots of loose stool ?

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2 Re: Loose stool ? on Thu May 27, 2010 10:53 pm

Things you can do yourself
The most important thing when your child has diarrhoea is to replace the fluid they are
losing. They may be losing more fluid than you think.
If you are breastfeeding, continue with this. Offer your baby feeds more often, and try to
make the feeds longer. If your baby is still thirsty or has lots of diarrhoea, give extra fluids,
such as water or rehydration drinks.
If your baby is bottle-fed, they can still have their usual formula milk. Don't dilute the milk.
Offer your baby water or rehydration drinks as well as their formula. Giving small sips
every few minutes is better than trying to get them to drink a lot at once.
Avoid sugary drinks, like fruit juice. These can increase the chance your child will get
dehydrated. Give your child their normal diet if they are hungry. It's important to keep
their energy up.
Rehydration drinks (also called oral rehydration solutions) help the body replace fluids
and salts. They don’t stop diarrhoea. But they can prevent your child getting dehydrated.
This is the safest treatment and it should be tried first.
Rehydration drinks come as powders or fizzy tablets that you dilute in water.You can
buy them from the pharmacy. Some brand names are Dioralyte, Electrolade and Rapolyte.
There is good evidence that rehydration drinks help to prevent and treat dehydration
caused by diarrhoea. There don't seem to be any important side effects, although some
children may not like the taste.
Sometimes children can't keep drinks down, won’t drink them or need fluids very quickly.
Doctors may then need to give them rehydration solutions through a drip into their arm
or a tube through their nose into their stomach. Both work well, although they may be uncomfortable.

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